our story

As real sisters and as single mothers of children, working for a factory 7 days a week. We were working with machines and we knew this wasn't us. We knew we were wasting our potential. We knew we wanted to help people and not just anyone but everyday families just like us. At the moment we didn't know how. Then we sat down and considered what we know how to do and what we enjoy doing. Our whole life we always were the friends who cleaned and organized even though we were invited as guests. We were always the ones staying to clean up at events or birthday parties. We realized we enjoyed this and can help other families who have limited time. In 2017 our factory shut down and moved out of the state. We sought this perfect opportunity, and we realized this is our way to help other mothers. We started with one small house and the rest is history. Sister Sweepers llc has been serving Louisville and the surrounding area ever since 2018.